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Why Being a Best-Kept Secret Isn’t Great for Business or Hiring

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My husband and I were just let in on a secret that very few know about. There is a coffee shop in our town that is now serving a four-course dinner, once a month, and the food is to die for. So you are probably thinking, what’s wrong with that? The problem is that only half the tables had paying customers, which leads me to believe this model is not sustainable, as you can’t run a business for very long when you are merely breaking even. You have to get the word out in a big way.

I see the same thing happen with companies that are far superior to many of the so-called “Best Places to Work” organizations. They are top employers, yet no one knows about them. When it comes to attracting candidates, reputation matters. If you are great, shout it from the rooftops or at a minimum, list on your website, the reasons your company is worth further consideration, so that you are no longer a best-kept secret.

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