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4 Things to Think About As You Prepare For the Weekend



If you are one of the many who can’t wait to get the heck out of the office and start enjoying your weekend, then you’ll want to read this.

  1. Why are you still in a job that you no longer feel fulfilled in? You can no longer use the economy as an excuse. No, it’s something else. Figure out what that is (or get some help figuring it out) so that you are no longer working for the weekend.
  2. Did you have hopes and dreams that someone along the way (like your parents) changed for you? For example, did you grow up believing you’d like to be a cowboy and your dad convinced you to exchange your chaps for a pair of Dockers? You’re a big boy now and you no longer have to listen to dad saying, “Because I said so.” Now is the time to re-examine your choices and make course corrections. Do it this weekend.
  3. How can I bring more joy to my work life? Maybe it’s not what you are doing for a living but how you are doing it. The corporate world doesn’t work for everyone. If it did, we’d have no start-ups to go work for. Give some consideration as to what is working at work and what isn’t. Then get ready to add some joy to your work.
  4. How can I better balance my life? Does your life feel out of control? Are you trying to figure out how to complete your work project while at the same time help your daughter complete her science project? Just say no. That’s right. Tell your boss you are unable to take on additional projects at work or if you prefer, tell you daughter that this is her project and not yours. Whatever you do, just say no!

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