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Lots of companies don’t pay enough attention to the people they are hiring to interact with their customers. Thankfully Pret a Manger does. Last week I made a quick stop at their downtown location to grab a cup of coffee. I quickly ran off to use the restroom, while the barista was making my coffee. Imagine my surprise when I returned and he handed me my coffee, along with the $17 worth of change that he had waiting for me. (Did I mention that I was in need of caffeine?) This gentleman could have easily pocketed the change, but he didn’t. I thanked him profusely and while doing so, he told me the next coffee was on him.

I immediately sought out the manager and took down the information so that I could let the corporate office know that this guy was a superstar. Would I be saying the same thing, if this guy worked for you? Your front line people matter. Well, at least they do to me. No doubt I’ll be making this a regular stop on my way to visit my downtown clients.

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