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If Not Now, When?



Last night, my husband and I were on the phone with American Express trying to score theater tickets for our daughter’s sweet 16 weekend in New York City. She had her heart set on seeing the show Wicked, which my husband and I had already seen. We were excited that we were able to secure tickets for Easter weekend. That was until the agent told us how much the tickets would cost. The total was just under a grand for four tickets. Gulp! We had her look around for less expensive tickets and then realized, if not now, when? After all, this was her sweet 16. We grabbed the tickets. Soon thereafter, I received notice from a friend on Facebook who announced his cancer diagnosis. It was at that very moment that I knew we had made the right decision.

Too many people deny themselves opportunities because they think these opportunities will be there tomorrow. They may very well be. However, we may not. If you want to make the most of your career or your business, then do it today. Here are some ideas that I often share with my clients, who are looking to move forward.

Stop shopping around for the best deal. Sure, someone may come in with a lower bid. But at what cost? How much time and effort have you spent trying to save a few bucks?

Consider the opportunity costs. Every day that goes by is a missed opportunity. Think about this before you delay.

Trust your gut. If your gut tells you that you need outside help to move forward more rapidly then listen to your gut. Sometimes we ourselves are our biggest obstacles. Make it a point to get out of your own way.

Surround yourself with the right people. Take a closer look at who you are hanging around with. Are these people telling you daily that you should be happy with what you have? Are they satisfied with being mediocre when you want more out of life than mediocrity? Time to get some new friends.

Leap! Stop being the guy or gal who is risk adverse. Take a chance. Make a leap and go for it!

We only go around once and some of us only make it half way around. The next time you are faced with a decision that usually makes you pause, do something different. Say yes and enjoy the experience of what it’s like to live life to it’s fullest.

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