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If You Are Serious, Do Something Now!

Fighting Procrastination

Fighting Procrastination

“I’ll put it on my calendar.” “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” “We can do this ourselves.” This may be true, but from where I stand, too many people are fooling themselves. Sure, they will put something on their calendar and then they won’t look at their calendar. This business of getting to it tomorrow is merely a delay tactic. If it’s important, do it today. If it’s not that important, then consider not doing it at all.

My favorite is the, “We can do it ourselves.” If you really can, then how come you haven’t taken action yet? Look, there are things we are good at doing and we enjoy doing and other things we hate doing or we aren’t that great at doing. We should leave those tasks to someone else.

Here’s something I’m serious about and doing something about now. I’m serious about helping organizations navigate these uncharted areas of record low unemployment in many parts of the country. I’m working with a handful of companies who are seamlessly filling job openings with talented people while their competitors are struggling to plug bodies into jobs.

So if you are serious about business growth and finding the right people to fuel your growth, then reach out to me at or call. Do it today. For if you wait until tomorrow, you’ll most likely never get around to doing anything about the situation at hand.


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