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Seven Questions to Help You Achieve Dramatic Growth

SuccessHere are seven questions to think about as you work towards achieving outrageous growth.

  1. What’s the one thing you can do today to maximize talent and revenue growth? The answer should consist of certain actions that you can take to immediately accelerate your ability to fill jobs with the right people, increase productivity and grow your business.
  1. Who on your staff do you secretly wish would give notice? Write their name down and make a plan for their exit.
  1. Who have you always admired that works for a competitor? Name them. Then go after them.
  1. Which candidates told you “no” this past year, who you can go back to this year?
  1. Who did you lose this year that you are still missing? Call them up today and invite them to lunch. Listen carefully for signs indicating that they may be interested in returning to your company.
  1. What’s been on your to-do-list since the beginning of 2016 that you haven’t gotten to? Is it still important? If so, put a date and time on your calendar to get this done this month. If not? Take it off your list.
  1. Who in the organization has the most potential? Have you told them lately how valuable they are to the organization? Invest in them. Hire an executive coach. Don’t delay. Do this now.
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