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Suddenly in Charge 2.0

The second edition of Suddenly in Charge released today, which got me thinking. It’s been six years since the first book came out and a lot has changed in the world of business. Here’s what hasn’t changed. If you do not quickly figure out how to manage up, you will not need to worry about how to manage down. Copy this quote and put it in a place where you can see it. Use this as a daily reminder of why mastering this skill is vital to career success.

It may seem unnatural to manage those above you in the top-down world of business. But mastering this skill is exactly what you must do to excel in any organization. You will always have “a boss,” even if you are currently an entrepreneur or you think you may be one someday. There will always be someone above you influencing what you do. This person may be your spouse, your partner, an outside investor, or may actually be your boss. It is critical to learn how to manage these relationships effectively, so you can secure the resources you need to be successful in any situation.

One of the keys to managing up is to not make it apparent that you are doing so. The only way to do this is to be authentic. That means that you need to take the advice you’re given and use what feels right to you.

Here’s an excerpt from the new edition of Suddenly in Charge from Roger Young, Executive Director at Li & Fung, that I hope will be beneficial as you make your way through the world of work.

In order to have a successful relationship with your boss you need to understand his management leadership style and adjust your behaviors, so you can give him what he needs. This will enable you to establish a productive relationship and get things done faster.

In my younger days, I was thrown into jobs where I wasn’t the technical expert in the field. I was a plant manager, although I wasn’t an engineer. I was director of sales and I had no sales or marketing experience. I soon realized that success was all about the people and aligning the department to the business.

I always had the point of view, “How do I help make my boss more successful?” I knew I needed to figure him or her out very quickly. Of course there are times when we may disagree, but when we walk out of the room and the decision’s been made and it’s not mine, I leave in alignment.”

I wish someone had given me advice like this when I was suddenly in charge. Perhaps I’d still be in charge!

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The second edition of the international bestseller, Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around is out. Be sure to order your copy!

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