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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Out an Executive Coach

Is Executive Coaching Right for You?

It’s Sunday afternoon and many of you are dreading the start of another work week. Maybe it’s because you’re having difficulties with your boss. You just can’t seem to figure her out. Or perhaps it’s because you’ve started a new job and are struggling to navigate the political landscape. Some of you may have just learned that the promotion you thought was yours has gone to someone else. Or perhaps you simply hate your job.

You sit and ponder. Maybe you even start Googling around for advice on how to get out of this funk. Many of the articles you read are all pointing to the same solution–you need a coach. Before you invest time and energy into finding this person, stop and think about the following questions.

Why bother putting effort into finding a coach if you’re not ready for a coach? That’s the first question you need to ask yourself before seeking out a coach, and perhaps the only one for many of you. If you answered this question by saying, “You shouldn’t,” and you think you are ready for a coach, then read on as there are a few more additional questions you’ll need to ask yourself before starting the search process.

Am I ready to commit to what it takes to make a coaching relationship successful? For years I tried to fool myself into thinking I was ready to lose weight. I even went as far as enrolling in an online program, which if we’re being completely honest here, I never used. You see, I really wasn’t ready to commit to making the changes necessary to achieve the level of success I was seeking.

When you enter into a coaching relationship, you’re the one who has to do most of the work. A good coach will guide you and support you. However, at the end of the day, your coach can’t want more for you than you want for yourself. So before starting the process of looking for a coach, ask yourself how willing you are to do the work necessary for success. If you’re unsure, then that tells me you are not ready. Save yourself the time and money until such time as you are.

Can I achieve the levels of success I desire on my own? The answer for some will be yes. Here’s how to figure out whether or not you fall into the “some” category. If you haven’t made progress or taken action in the last 30 days, then what makes you think the next 30 days will be different?

Am I able to make the financial investment needed to work with a top coach? Money is a priority and how you spend it depends on what’s important to you. I’m at the point in my life where happiness is my number one priority. I invest annually with my mentor and the ROI has paid off dramatically. I’m doing work that I love and have lots of discretionary time to spend with my family. Can you say the same? If not, then perhaps it’s time to reallocate your resources and find your own version of happiness.

I’ve found that there have been times in my life where I was ready to make changes and other times when I was not. You know yourself best. If you are ready to move forward, before another year slips by, then take action.

Here’s your assignment: Jot down where you are at currently in terms of your career and your personal life. Then think about where you’d like to be a year from now. Take note of things that might be getting in your way. Feel free to send me your responses ( and I promise to write back with suggestions to help you have an incredibly successful year.

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