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Who Pays for the Coach Matters…A Lot

Executive Coaching

When a coach is hired by a company to coach one of their people, ultimately the client is the company. When an individual hires a coach and pays this person directly, the individual is the client.

Here’s why this matters.

If your boss is paying the bill, a coach may be limited in terms of what kind of advice they can offer you. For example, suppose the person in need of shifting their behavior is your boss and not you. Or it’s clear the only way to improve your situation is to leave your employer. In all likelihood, your coach isn’t going to be able to say to you, “Get the heck out of this company!” Instead, they’ll help you make the best of a not-so-great situation. When you’re paying the coach, they have your best interest in mind at all times. They’ll tell you what you need to hear and without concern that they may never work in your company again. Something to consider when engaging a coach.

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