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Conflict In The Workplace: How To Restore Peace In Your Organization

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How To Diffuse Workplace Conflict And Regain Your Sanity

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How to Deal with Conflict in the Workplace

Things appear to be fine in your organization. There is a sense of calm flowing above the cubicles. Employees are interacting in a respectful way and are working well as a team. Then your company lands a huge new contract. Everyone is working overtime. Voices are rising and fingers are pointing. The majority of your […]

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Dealing with Difficult Employees

The following is an excerpt from Suddenly in Charge, which is being featured on Amazon this month. Downloads are available for $1.99. Ask managers what they dislike most about their jobs and the majority will say, dealing with problem employees. Problem employees are a fact of life so the sooner you learn how to deal […]

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Are Your Toxic Employees Poisoning the Workplace?

Toxic employees These are those employees with a “bad attitude.” They are negative people and are never satisfied, no matter what you do on their behalf. These are the people who spread gloom and resentment, which makes everyone around them feel icky. And who wants to work in an icky place? So we see turnover…now […]

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What to Do If Your Employees Are Sucking the Life Out of You

Are you cutting corners to avoid those employees who are making your life–and your business–miserable? Follow these five steps to breathe life back into your organization. How to Prevent Employees from Sucking the Life Out of You Are you feeling exhausted these days? Have you considered resigning from the company you founded? Welcome to the […]

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Dealing with a Diffcult Co-worker

Dealing with a Difficult Co-worker Sooner or later it happens to all of us. We experience life with a difficult co-worker. In a better economy you might choose to pick up your toys and go elsewhere. But in these uncertain times, most people have little choice but to find a way to deal with people […]

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