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How to Out Shop Amazon for Tech Talent

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Why SNAP Employees Need to Snap Out of It and Get Real

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What I Remember About Last Night’s Grammys


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Boston Proud

It’s been a week since the Boston bombers did the unthinkable and made us New Englanders stop in our tracks. I feel the need to acknowledge the events of the past week and thank those who put their lives on the line to make our great city safe again. This was the year that I […]


Lost in the NFL Lockout

I know I’m late to the game (pun intended), but can someone help me out here? I’ve always had a hard time understanding sports and now I’m being asked to write a blog posting that relates to this NFL situation. I get the fact that  the NFL is a 10 billion dollar business fighting over […]

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Dumb, Stupid Rules That Will Kill Your Company’s Culture

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What’s Your Contingency Plan?

  This morning I decided to treat myself to a cappuccino at my local bakery. Imagine my disappointment when I was told their espresso machine was broken, which meant that I would not be able to buy what I wanted. I pass by this place daily so I decided to ask if they thought it […]

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The Naked Truth About Starbucks

By now, you’ve probably heard that Starbucks has rolled out their “new” logo. This looks to me like the story of the Emperor Has No Clothes. Someone has convinced Mr. Schultz to invest a lot of money for an image that looks and feels exactly like the one he started with. The first time I […]

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Pay Parity

I picked up a copy of People magazine the other day only to find out that in many cases, there is still the perception that men are worth more than women. Gheez fellows, you would think in the year 2009, we'd have put this behind us, but pay differences still exist. Here is a shiny […]

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Group Hug

Let’s face it. Last week was a tough week for everyone with all the doom and gloom on Wall Street as well as Main Street. I was contacted by a  reporter who wanted to know if managers should be treating employees, who belong to different generations, differently given the events that have just unfolded. I told the […]

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