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Buried Alive

And so you have it. Another talented executive leaves his organization so that he can work at the level he was hired to work at Six months ago, this person was a walking advertisement for his organization. His enthusiasm was contagious. Then one day things began to happen. One reorganization led to another and before […]

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Who’s Lying? Your Kid or the College Placement Office

We’ve all read the headlines regarding the lack of jobs for college grad these last few years. I wonder how many of those reporters bothered to check in with the college placement offices to get their take. I had an interesting conversation this morning with the college placement director of a prestigious college. The conversation […]

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A Note to Parents: Why Your College Grad Can’t Find Work

Over the past several days, I’ve been in discussion with a number of people on how the recession is preventing recent college grads from finding employment. Some believe the economy is to blame for the inability of youth to land meaningful employment. Others believe there are deeper forces at play. Read this and decide for […]


A Letter to the Class of 2010 (Not a Typo)

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Cyber Monday-Job Search Programs

Before you click on that icon to order your son or daughter a new electronic device that they really don’t need nor one they can really afford consider the following: You’ve just invested $200K in your child’s education and they are working at the mall. Yes, I know you are grateful they even have a […]

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People Are Getting Job Offers…Why Aren’t You?

People are getting hired. If you’re not even getting an interview, then something is wrong. Sure you could sit back and keep blaming the economy. I bet some of the younger people even have mom and dad convinced that the only job out there is the one where they get to bartend at their favorite […]


Looking for a full-time Job? Try Seasonal Work

Seasonal jobs may be the foot in the door job seekers are looking for in a competitive job market, according to a new survey from CareerBuilder. Two-in-five employers (40 percent) who are hiring seasonal workers in the fourth quarter this year said they will likely transition some into full-time, permanent employees, up from 31 percent […]

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Could Your Job Search Use a Boost?

It’s countdown time again. You’ve got about six weeks before hiring basically goes on holiday. Thanksgiving is the unofficial beginning of the holiday period. This is the time when hiring managers magically divert their attention to sugarplum fairies and potato pancakes. So what’s a job applicant to do? Follow these steps and you may very […]


Companies are Hiring Again!

Within the last day, three people (all who were unemployed) told me they had found meaningful employment! So what exactly does that mean? Companies are hiring again! Which means different things to different people. If you’re an employer, then it means you need to start filling some of those requisitions you’ve had on hold before […]

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Degrees That Hiring Managers Want

I recently shared insights with Chris Kyle on which degrees can get you hired. Here’s the article in full: Wondering which degrees can get you hired? Why not ask the people who do the hiring? We polled a half-dozen HR managers and experts throughout the country to see what college degrees they want to see […]