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Top Performers Still Have the Most Employment Opportunities

As high unemployment persists and the global economic recovery remains halted and uneven, the “resume tsunami” appears to have been reduced to a “resume riptide.” According to Deloitte’s new global talent survey, Talent 2020, four out of five (80 percent) employees plan to stay with their organizations over the next year, a significant increase from […]

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What’s Your Purpose?

Quick-What’s your company’s purpose? If you can’t roll this off your tongue then you are in trouble. A new report by global brand consultancy Calling Brands has revealed that working for an organization with a clearly defined Purpose — an underlying ethos that goes beyond commercial and operational goals — is second most important to […]

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This is How You Brew Passion

This past weekend my husband and I attended the American Craft Brewers Conference in sunny San Diego. I was honored to be selected as a speaker for this amazing event. And I do mean amazing. Over the past six months I interacted with a number of people at the Brewers Association and every person I […]

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Coaching Key to Employee Retention

A recent study conducted by OI Partners found that employee  turnover has substantially increased even in this shaky economy. Many are bracing for the wave that is about to hit their firms the moment the floodgates open and job opportunities become more available. My most successful clients understand that retention isn’t an overnight fix and […]

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It’s Not About the Money

If you think throwing a few more dollars into your employee’s paychecks is going to make a difference in their happiness levels, think again. According to the SHRM 2011 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey Report, workers want much more than the shirt off your back. Here are the top four contributors to job satisfaction […]

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I’m Outta Here!

I’m  paying closer attention to where I’m investing my time and money these days. In the last several months, I’ve decided not to renew two long-term affiliations that I’ve had with associations. Why? Because I’m no longer valued there and I’m no longer receiving any value. That seems like two really good reasons to say, […]

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It’s Not About the Money

In a recent conversation, it was pointed out to me that people were leaving their employers for “miniscule raises.” If you believe this is really why people are leaving then you are only fooling yourself. People leave because they are unhappy in their current situation and/or they feel disconnected from the organization. It’s that simple. […]

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Buried Alive

And so you have it. Another talented executive leaves his organization so that he can work at the level he was hired to work at Six months ago, this person was a walking advertisement for his organization. His enthusiasm was contagious. Then one day things began to happen. One reorganization led to another and before […]

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Keep the Turkey: Show Me the Money

It’s been an incredibly challenging year for most workers, who continue to be asked to do more with less resources. That’s why it’s especially important to recognize and reward employees for their contribution, as the year winds down. While turkeys are certainly nice, they aren’t exactly what most workers are wishing for this holiday season. […]

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I’m Out of Here!

I’m out of here! That’s an expression I hear increasingly these days from those working in the corporate world. According to Mercer’s recent What’s Working global survey of nearly 30,000 people in 17 countries, between 28% and 56% of workers are seriously considering leaving their jobs, with younger workers even more likely to be considering […]

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