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Fourth Book Deal Signed

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Managing Isn’t Just For Bosses – Here’s Why You Need to Strengthen That Skill, Too

Managing Up, Suddenly in Charge, Career Development, Leadership

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Job Searches Are Up As Snow Falls Down

leadership, leadership development, employee retention, job search

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Bad Karma

Earlier this month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that women should trust “karma” instead of asking for pay raises. Nadella suggested that the “system” would reward their work. In the apology, Nadella said he was “completely wrong.” Well Nadella got one thing right. He was completely wrong. Why? Because the “system” is flawed. Most reward […]

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Remarkable Leaders

Move Up/Manage Right, Suddenly in Charge, Remarkable Leaders

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Are You Willing to Invest $1.37 in Your Future?

I’m conducting a two-day Suddenly in Charge workshop in Boston as well as Toronto and am inviting you to invest in your future. If you book prior to Friday, you’ll be able to take advantage of the early-bird pricing of $499, which comes out to about $1.37 a day. Here’s why you should invest. You […]

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Leaders Aren’t Born; They Are Made

Talent Magnetism, Leadership, Employee Development, Confidence

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7 Ways New Managers Can Shine

How to shine as a new manager

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Three Signs Your Time Is Up

time to quit, employee satisfaction, how to know when it’s time to go

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How to Team Up with Your Boss and Score A Home Run

Managing Up in the Top Down World of Business. Suddenly in Charge

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