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College Grads and Unemployment

It’s the holidays and no one knows that more than unemployed college grads who have little to cheer about this holiday season. An article in today’s New York Times noted that the unemployment rate for college grads under age 25 has averaged 9.2 percent, up from 8.8 percent a year earlier. It also suggests that […]


Confessions of a First-Time Boss

Be sure to check out my guest posting on BNET (CBS Interactive) and add a comment here or there!   Confessions of a First-Time Boss   Roberta


Are Your Policies Just Plain Stupid?

I'm an active participant on an HR Forum where HR people hang out and ask questions. The other day, someone posted a question regarding workplace dress, specifically relating to an establishment in the hospitality industry. I about fell off my rocker when the following was posted: "We do not allow any, other than the wedding […]

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An Inside Look Inside the Mind of Hiring Managers

While completing  my new product offering, Selecting for Success: The Complete System for Hiring Top Talent, it occurred to me that this kit would be awesome for job seekers. Imagine how much more successful you would be in your job search if you knew what employers were really looking for when they ask you questions […]


Are You Working for Free?

Lately, I've been running into a lot of people who don't seem to mind working for free. I'm sure having a difficult time figuring out what is so attractive about this "opportunity." Case in point…young people, who work in retail (Lane Bryant) who stay at work for several hours after the store closes, straightening up […]


Let your inner voice shine

The other evening, my husband and I were working in our office when we heard a loud voice singing in the other room. My eleven year old son had stepped up to the microphone and was singing at Shea Stadium. If you have Beatles Rock Band in your home, then you know exactly what I'm […]

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See You Later, Alligator!

I gave a presentation to members of the Northeast Human Resource Association (the local SHRM chapter) the other day on what companies should be doing right now to prepare for the recovery. I opened the presentation with some statistics, which many found shocking. Here is what I shared: A recent survey from Adecco Group North […]

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It’s Not Difficult to Stand Out in the Crowd

This past Thursday evening, my daughter and I dashed into NYC for one night so that I could take her to see the Taylor Swift Concert (Will post some pics shortly). At a friends suggestion, we stayed at the Roger Williams Hotel on Madison and 31st. Now some of you may be wondering who the […]

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Job Search Mistakes Across the Generations

I am constantly amazed by the mistakes job seekers, both young and mature, make when it comes to job searching. Here are just a few. More will follow in other posts this month so be sure to come back to avoid making these mistakes. Here we go:   Treating your search like a hobby. A […]

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Post Holiday Traumatic Syndrome

Ever notice how out of sorts you feel as the holiday season comes to a close? All that anticipation for a few nights of festivities. It’s easy to let these feelings get in the way of starting the New Year off on the right foot. No one could have predicted the downward slide of the […]

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