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Are Your Practices Driving Your Customers Away?

Business growth, talent maximization

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A Tale of Two Hotels

Customer Service, Hotel Indigo Newton, Newton Marriott

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Do You Have a Clue How Your Brand is Being Represented?

File today’s post under you can’t make this up. I just called the reservation line for Hilton Hotels and was told the following. “Can you spell consulting? I’m not a good speller.” Yikes! “Can you spell Matuson?” I totally get, as my name isn’t the easiest to spell. Now here’s the ironic thing. I was […]

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How to Fill the Empty Seats in Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners are complaining that they are unable to fill the empty seats in their restaurants. Please, give me a reason to return to those days when it was fun to dine out. Here’s what I mean by this. Nothing would delight me more than suggesting to my family that we dine out tonight. After […]

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What Do You Do When Your Brand Goes Downhill?

I just got back from NYC where I attended a meeting in what used to be the jewel of boutique hotels–The W at Times Square. Judging from what I observed, and some of the complaints I heard from those who were staying there, the W Brand is on the decline. How would you like to […]

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Why is it that businesses seek perfect levels of customer service, yet few are able to achieve this goal consistently? I have my theories on this, which I will explain after I share with you my definition of perfection all around. When is the last time you dined out at a restaurant where everything was […]

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Shuffling Off to Buffalo

Service failures, customer service, customer loyalty

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