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Can a Bot Really Improve Your Management Skills?

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Saying No When You Think You Should Say Yes

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How to Be a Great Mentee And Mentor

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Seven Questions to Help You Achieve Dramatic Growth

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The Sting Of The Queen Bee: Tales Of Tyrannical Leadership

A recent Wall Street Journal article titled “The Tyranny of the Queen Bee” reminded me how little has actually changed since I last worked in the corporate world, more than 17 years ago. You see I too have felt the sting of the Queen Bee and although I thought I was over it, perhaps I’m […]

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Return to Sender: A Letter to Netflix’s Reed Hastings

Dear Reed, It was so nice to finally hear from you this morning, as I would have expected you would have written right after you increased my bill by nearly 60 percent. I guess you were busy figuring out ways you were going to spend your newfound wealth. That being said, I read your letter […]

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Your Choice: Good Boss or Bad Boss?

I recently saw the movie “Horrible Bosses” where the  4:30 showing was packed. You could hear theater goers cheering for the three lead characters who were out for revenge. As someone who works closely with leaders to help them avoid landing on the “hit list” of employees, I can certainly empathize with those in the […]

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What Employees Really Need From Their Bosses

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Will Your Employees Still Love You Tomorrow?

Who cares if your employees will still love you tomorrow? The real question is, will they still respect you tomorrow? One of the biggest mistakes business owners and managers make is being more concerned about being loved, than respected. So much so, that I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to this topic in my new book, […]

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Is Management Overrated?

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