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Roberta Matuson
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You Want Me to Do What?
Using Influence to Get What You Want

Imagine all of the possibilities if you could create a work environment based on commitment, rather than compliance. People would do what they were asked, and then some. You would see a significant reduction in workplace miscommunication, which in turn would lead to reduced stress for everyone. Leaders, who attend this highly-interactive session, will come away with tools they can use to begin transforming their workplaces into organizations where trust and respect are more than just words.

Managing Up in the Top-Down World of Business

Let’s get one thing straight. Managing Up is not about brown-nosing or becoming the bosses’ favorite. It’s about learning how to work within the confines of an organization to get what you need, while helping your boss and the organization meet their objectives. Learn the secrets to effectively using influence, while acting with integrity and purpose.

Problem Employees...
Can’t We Just Boot ‘em??

Everyone has them, no one knows what to do with ‘em. Everyone wants them gone (or magically transformed into rock stars.) We’ll talk about why most problem employees outlast their bosses and discuss strategies to deal with these people who don’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

Welcome to the Top Floor
—Now What??

Imagine getting off an elevator and being expected to find your way without signage or directions. This is exactly what happens when managers find themselves suddenly in charge without any preparation. Learn how to quickly chart your course so that the first 90 days aren’t your last 90-days! Executives will get a birds-eye view of what it’s like to be a new manager in today’s economic environment and will walk away with ideas they can use to help new leaders soar.

Making Dollars and Sense of Gen Y
Y-Sized Strategies to Fuel Business Growth

In less than three years, Gen Y (born in 1980 and thereafter) is predicted to comprise 50 percent of the workforce. Learn the secrets to connecting with this highly influential generation, as both an employer seeking to attract and retain this sector of the workforce, and a company looking to sell products and services to this grouping of over 75 million strong. We’ll reveal proven ideas and strategies for attracting and getting buy-in from Gen Y, as well as what you can do today, to lock in these very loyal consumers.

There’s a New CEO in Town:
How to Win With the Hand You’re Dealt

This high-level session is for CEO’s who enter organizations where the game is in play. Learn how to quickly assess who is bluffing and who is really playing for the team. Leave with strategies you can immediately use to up your game and create a winning organization.

Other Popular Speaking Topics:

  • Hey! Where’s My Decoder Ring?? Understanding Your Boss’ Grunts, Looks and Nods...
  • You Can’t Be My Boss — My SON is Older Than You...!
  • Guard Your Exits — How to Retain Top Talent in Turbulent Times
  • Talent Acquisition Across the Generations
  • Mass Exodus: How to Stop Great Employees from Leaving
  • I'm Out of Here: How to Create a Life-Friendly Organization Before People Throw in the Towel
  • Protect Your Hive: How to Keep Producing Honey After Your Experienced Bees Leave
  • Seismic Shift: Why You May Be Losing Your Balance in the Coming Demographic Quake
  • Hope is Not a Strategy: How to Become an Inspirational Leader

Praise for Roberta’s Speaking

“Roberta was organized, prepared, and focused on the specific issues of our group. Her presentation was both relevant and insightful, but even more impressive was her ability to field tough and provocative questions and provide concise solutions and practical advice... More

Betsy Ann Duval, Program Committee
Enterprise Group
The Boston Club

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"I listened to Roberta’s presentation on How to Find Your Slice of the Talent Pool and left with many take-aways. It was a very intimate group and allowed for more interaction and dialog with her audience which was helpful."

Stacey Sawyer, Director of Education
MRA Educational Foundation

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"The SaGE group felt the presentation on the "Intergenerational Workforce" was a great introduction to the age-related demographic issues facing the workforce at Best Buy and across the United States…we will be sharing it with our 95,000 retail employees via our "Tagzone"... More

Gabe Angieri, Communications Chair
SaGE Employee Business Network
Best Buy, Inc.

Roberta recently addressed a captive audience at our organization about the changing generations in the workforce... Roberta is an expert on the subject matter and her expertise really came through. The audience was very engaged and Roberta was the key in laying the foundation... More

Mike Miller, Director of Training
Price Chopper Supermarkets

Roberta Matuson conducted a presentation for a large group of our management team to raise awareness among our leaders regarding shifting workforce demographics… Conference participants appreciated her insights and managers expressed a new awareness regarding the topics covered... More

Rebekah Mueller, Director of Human Resources
New York Life Retirement Plan Services

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